Example Use Of Creative Commons Attribution License

Example Use Of Creative Commons Attribution License

If you have a business and are looking for additional ways to get exposure for your company, you can use royalty free videos, post them on YouTube, optimize it and possibly get it in the relative search result rankings on Google as another way your customers can find your business online.

Here is a Creative Commons attribution licensed video that we used to help a Hawaii tow truck company get a video onto Google’s search engine. We optimized the video to show up for search terms relative to “Ewa Beach tow truck”. So when people search for a tow truck in Ewa Beach, the video property will likely show up and pose as another way to bring in a lead for the business. It may not bring in much, but at least it is a piece of “online real estate” that’s taking up space that people can potentially come across when looking for their services.

You can do (more…)

Beach Sunset Royalty Free Video

This is a very nice and relaxing beach sunset video in HD. It’s a royalty video and can be used for attribution. I was planning on using it for a Hawaii limo service company’s marketing video, but they ended up hiring a videographer.

The video is taken in Mahaiula Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. Uses for this video could be for video introductions, documentaries, nature videos, narration, a background video for ambient music and/or nature sounds. (more…)

Space To Ocean Royalty Free Video

This royalty free video is an outer space to ocean video from an ocean documentary. It can be used for an introduction video clip.

The 3D animated video starts off in outer space. The video pans in through space, including Mars, animating through the Milky Way Galaxy, to planet Earth, through the clouds, and down to the depths of the ocean.

The narration (more…)

What is Creative Commons?

Do you want a hassle-free way to tell people to use your digital content by following your rules? Here’s how Creative Commons licenses can help! 

When the Internet first came out, there were widespread copyright and plagiarism issues. Back then it was simply too easy for some people to copy other people’s work into their own websites and too difficult for site owners to check that other sites weren’t using their materials.

But what if you have digital content that you want to share with other people and it is okay for them to reuse your material? Or what if you want to do things right and download content that was meant to be shared? For these cases, Creative Commons licenses can be crucial.

Here some facts that you need to know about digital content: (more…)

How to download videos from YouTube on a Mac?

How to download YouTube Videos For Free

Downloading videos from YouTube is very easy. Most of the royalty-free videos here on Stock Video Box are from YouTube.

Here’s a tutorial on how to download videos from here or video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video websites that are out there right from you Mac.

Step #1: Download ClipGrab (ClipGrab is currently only for OSx. PC tutorial is coming soon). (more…)